Need for Speed

ImageNeed for Speed


Director: Scott Waugh

Rating: C+

   Starring Aaron Paul? Yes, please. The first trailer I saw for this film was not entirely impressive in my opinion. I had a preconceived notion that this would simply be another car movie with a sub par plot, and in some way I was right but there was a little more to it.

   Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul) is a prominent figure in the illegal street racing world, and when his life is turned upside down (no pun intended), he is compelled to take a ride down memory lane (OK, that’s the last one I promise).

   I won’t beat around the bush; this film is insanely predictable. You can almost pinpoint which scene you’ll see next. The characters are exactly what you would believe them to be, and the story line follows a route that many films have already taken. Plus there are some situations that are not clearly explained or far-fetched.

   Now for the good stuff! The CARS. I wouldn’t consider myself a car enthusiast, maybe not even a fan of cars, but Need for Speed puts the coolest vehicles on display that would even make a person like me appreciate them. I have zero knowledge of car mechanics, zip. There’s no need for knowing that information though. The cars are incredible and I was able to hear the reactions of the audience when they saw the cars they were drooling over.

   Another aspect which impressed me was the cinematography. The visuals were unique. The camerawork was rapid yet entertaining. I wasn’t bored once even though I knew I would watching a film all about street racing. The angles seemed limitless.

 Need for Speed was a pleasant surprise, although it did flaw with its worn out plot. The film obviously had awesome cars and it was just fun!


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