Captain Phillips


Captain Phillips


Director: Paul Greengrass

Rating: A

   Captain Phillips establishes himself as the main source of authority on his ship, while his crew is having a hard time adjusting to his strict persona. They soon flock to him for words of wisdom as four Somalian pirates board the ship in search for a big loot. 

   This film will have you on the edge of your seat for the entire duration of the movie. Phillips plays the good guy, attempting to give into the pirates’ wants in order to secure his crew’s safety. The pirates each have their own personalities, one being a hotheaded gunslinger, one being a young teen that you almost want to empathize with, and the other ‘captain’ in the story who desperately wants complete control. Of course things go awry and a chain of events are set in motion which pull the audience in different directions, making them wonder what will happen next.

   Tom Hanks’ performance is remarkable. The range of emotions that will surge through you is also remarkable. You’ll want to smile, but also cry at the beautiful performance Hanks gives. Captain Phillips is a tumultuous ride that doesn’t sink one bit.  


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